Psalm 91-4 Angel Verse

Psalm 91:4 is a verse from the Bible that describes God’s protection and care for his people. It says that he will cover them with his feathers, and under his wings they will find refuge. His faithfulness will be their shield and rampart. This verse is often used to express trust and confidence in God’s presence and power.

Some people also interpret this verse as a reference to God’s angels, who are sent by him to guard and guide his people in all their ways. Psalm 91:11 says that he will command his angels concerning them to keep them in all their ways. Angels are seen as God’s messengers and ministers, who carry out his will and help his people in times of need.

Psalm 91:4 is a beautiful and comforting verse that reminds us of God’s love and protection. It assures us that we are not alone, but under his wings we can find safety and peace.

Psalm 91-4 Angel Verse

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